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Text for Page 184 [12-20-1859]

pered, not to happy woman, that she
will rule her husband.   It might have been
better and happier for her, had she married Ha-
ney.   Methinks little Nast would be soon thrown
over now, did a more eligible suitor appear.     He
is coarse-natured, though good-humored � the
latter being three-fourths composed of approbativeness.
He is very ignorant, but industrious and thriving.
Sally knows all this, and knowing it ought to
calculate consequences.     Matty�s simple way
of looking at things is honester.      She thinks: Why
can�t people just say what they want, get their an-
swer and have done with it.   Her intellect is of
no great depth, she thinks so, confesses it, but
she is not silly � good praise for a girl, poor as
it looks.   I�m sure she is kind and good, though
Heaven knows how these qualities would stand the 
wear and tear of daily life.     They may merely ap-
pertain to youth, girl-hood and acknowledged
prettiness.    Indeed its impossible to think of her
without reference to her face � that sweet, house-
hold face of hers!         Its not beautiful, not indi-
cative of half so much as Eliza�s gives promise
of, � just pretty, that�s all, but so very pretty
that to look at it is to sigh to think it must
be changed by Time and Sorrow.    Oh me! that
ever girl�s dear faces should be marred by them!
Shall we meet those who have loved and remember-               
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