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Text for Page 193 [12-26-1859]

Rowelish, Haney made (and played)
a capital Bluebeard and Wells was exceed-
ingly ludicrous in Fatima.  During the toilet
scene, Mrs Edwards kept exclaiming �How does he
know it?� and everybody was immensely interes-
ted.     I sat on the side shelf, adjacent to the row
formed by Mrs Edwards, Mrs T and the others.
The burlesque song and dance by Wells, the
ditto aria by Nast followed, successful, but
hardly loud enough.    Then Haney and Hayes
did the farce of Box and Cox, Jack playing
Mrs Bouncer.   Hayes was the feature of this; did
Cox splendidly.   He�s up in the part; has played
it often before.     Applause and hand-clapping
to everything.    Dancing next, Virginia Reel,
easiest and liveliest of dances.   As it involves
a figure in which one has to touch every feminine
hand in company, I anticipating Fanny and Co
might stand up, had thought of not joining, but
the impression why should I deny myself pleasure 
because of her undesired presence suddenly induced
me to take my place with Eliza as partner.
Neither Fan nor Grace danced.   I suppose Clif
Thomson would take care the latter had a chance,
whether she had orders from the enemy to sit still
I don�t know.    �Ella� danced with honest Jack,
looking particularly nosey and contemptuous of the
better people among whom she moved.     I am pretty               
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