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Was robbing my thoughts in his azure hue,
       Making me discontented.
And so as a means that foe to appal,
On a spat on the mantel my eyes I let fall
Where a black oval frame* hangs down by the
It worked like a charm dissolving my thrall
And served as a spell my thoughts to recall
       From troubles purely invented
For the wide-world over, all others above
Some dozen or so are the faces I love;
A shade on whose brows, a light in whose eyes,
An arch of whose lips, whate�er it implies,
Whether smiles it betoken or anger it prove
This foolish old heart is as potent to move
       As a touch the sea-amemone.


  * Containing a daguerreotype of the present Ed-
wards� family, I mean those by the living Mrs
E.  with the heads of it.    Excellent portraits most
of them.    When the picture came home, a year
or more ago (it was a surprise birthday present to which
I was privy)  Haney testified a good deal of natural
gratification and was savage at Mrs Potter�s cack-
ling inquisitiveness as to �Which was the one.�  She
pitched, I�m pretty sure, on Matty, as the prettiest,               
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