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If with insects your�e classed, for all savants
That the best of its kind is the feminine bee,
And the masculine writer in shame humbly owns
That male good-for-nothings are all of the drones.
�Twas ere came that group to join in our tussels,
Whom we hope, in both senses, to know as Rich
Ere our new conquest Hays, from �midst buskins
	and socks,
Had come to present us a fine Christmas �Box�
(I�m glad he�s come back, if in Boston he�d
� The fogy joke coming has never been made �
For here I assert, or may I be kissed,
If Hays�d been in Boston, in New York he�d 
	been missed)
Ere one of us Childsx was, ere Ambrose another
Ere Bill was a miner and Mary no mother
   Richard Russell, name of both father and
son, both English, the former very much so.
Cahill used to be �down upon� the latter before
the advent of his (R�R�s) whiskers, for his conver-
sational rudeness to the girls.            Names of the
girls� husbands in California.          Rogers, Parton�s
brother-in-law, resident at Rochester; has been a digger
in California.              Parton�s sister, Rogers� wife.               
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