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Text for Page 086 [03-04-1860]

          Confidences with Sally and Matty.
his brother-in-law lives.        In-doors till evening,
then with Morris to Chapin�s.      None of the folks
in the family pew, the girls being tired out, as it
subsequently appeared, by an afternoon at the Central-
Park.             Haney and Honeywell at the house.
Sally, of course, knew Nast�s destination.     We got to
talking of him, &c.      She hints that she likes him
more than I give her credit for � she�s �not demonstra-
tive, you know;� says, again, �I don�t do him justice,�
that he is bashful, conscious of ignorance, yet willing
to cover it with a show of assurance.      She talked
about Haney, too, and characterized his abatement
in liking for her as �fizzling out� � distrusted
its reality, said �it was better as it was� � that 
it had ended.    Evidently Mrs T. Nast in future.
Told her so, and that she�d tell him the subject of
our confidences, which she denied.     Pretty Matty
told me, on parting, that Charley was still sulking
� had asked all of the family to a gymnastic
performance but her � she didn�t care a bit, and
it wasn�t of the slightest consequence.    Eliza is
restive about the limited circle of acquaintances
these girls have, as I learnt incidentally from
Sally � evidently wants her triumphs.
  5.  Monday.  Writing.   Down-town by 1. wait-
ed half an hour while a man was talking to Dana
in the Tribune sanctum, then learnt that he,               
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