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Text for Page 221 [05-21-1860]

          Cahill meditating some Dishonesty.
�Comic Monthly� thus avoiding payment of com-
positors.             It�s at once curious and charac-
teristic that Cahill, while noting this alleged
sharp lookout for self-interest on Haney�s part,
should meditate a similar project.     He declares
he will bring out a four cent comic monthly pe-
riodical, under his formerly chosen title, �the 
Tickler,� using �Nic-nax� cuts and paying the
same sum for them as Haney does!        He does
not intend saying a word of this to Mrs. Levi-
son; she will only discover it by the publication
in question and on entry of so much in
the ledger.        �I�ve a right to hire �em to
myself!� argues Cahill!
  22.  Tuesday.  Writing all the morning.  Down
town as far as Chamber Street in the afternoon.
Was overtaken, returning, by Newman in Broadway,
who told me that he was getting �tremendously Ame-
rican!� that he had written for his wife and chil-
dren to come hither, intending to take a hourse in
Williamsburg.    Evening; wrote till 8, then to 745.
The girls, their father and Haney there.     (I had
passed Sally and Eliza in Broadway, this afternoon.)
A pleasant chatty evening.   Eliza, reclining on
the sofa, talking with Haney, let down her fine
brown hair, and let it remain loose for the rest
of the evening, looking wondrously pretty.   A rare               
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