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Text for Page 006 [06-03-1860]

            Boweryem�s Coitville Friends.
who made broad jokes over the dinner-table
about her childlessness, the husband having some
china-ware business in New York, and two
visitors, besides ourselves; a young man and his
wife.    Our host and hostess were very hospitable,
we dined in the kitchen, in our shirt-sleeves, after-
wards loafing pleasantly in the edge of the tall
Palisades, which their garden abutted on, looking
at the noble river and prospect.        The man owned
the house and grounds.       Returned to Fort 
Lee by a woody road and visited Dunn En-
glish, whom we found in the bosom of his fa-
mily.  He showed us pictures, took a brief
stroll with us, to point out historic localities and
dismissed us by the 5 o�clock boat, which was
heavily-freighted with passengers.  Among them
we found our Coitville hostess, Mrs. Brough,
and her two guests.     To New York pleasant-
ly enough and supper.      Loafed away most
of the evening, partly on the leads in the rear
of the house, where most of the boarders assem-
bled.      Talking to the two Woodworth girls.
Boweryem, Phillips, Miss Trainque, the Ham,
Kettle and Miss Fagan there part of the time,
though they generally seceded by 9 o�clock
only the Woodworths, Boweryem and a male
boarder whose name I don�t know remain-               
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