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Text for Page 016 [06-10-1860]

                       Mary Bilton.
to rally her.     Her figure was quite womanly,
her shoulders (how often have I stooped to
kiss them, when she sat at the piano!) and
bust were beautiful.       She possessed a delicious
contralto voice, clear, sweet, and musical;
it used to affect me with an intensity of plea-
sure, akin to pain.         When she came home,
from the Harmons� school and Kennington, I
remember, and sang, in the dear old King�s
Road front parlor; there was quite a crowd
collected in front of the area.       I dare say
they had an indefinite impression that she was
a professional.        She knew a good many
songs, some of which I can hardly hear, now,
without a bit of a pang.       She worked hard
in the family, which was rather Micawber-
ish, though never to the extent of downright
penury, doing all sorts of things, even, I 
suspect, helping to scrub floors.  They never
had regular servants, though more charwo-
men and hangers-on than would have absorb-
ed the wages of one.   Mary could cook a din-
ner, make her arm dresses and bonnets, dance
and show as well in a ball-room as though
she were ignorant of all but the latter � be-
fore she took to religion.     She was good-hu-
mored, frank, sometimes rude, scarcely               
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