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Text for Page 034 [06-15-1860]

	     More of Cahill�s Doings.
and out of her room at all seasonable and un-
seasonable hours, which, Mrs Ham, occupying
the same apartment, objected to, when a row en-
sued.     It is pretty generally credited by the women that the
paid ought to have been married before.x       Kettle
only intended flirtation or worse at the outset.
A tall, good-looking fellow with just a limited
an allowance of brains as serves to get along with
in this world, and this his countenance indicated.
She looked very Irish, was very good-humored and
had lived in boarding-houses all her life.
  15.  Friday.  [Phonography] and writing all the forenoon.
After dinner to �Momus� and Haney�s offices,
returning up-town at 6 with Haney.    Writing to
Hannah till midnight.              Our theory about
Cahill�s having squandered money which he
couldn�t replace proves correct.     He gave a sup-
per to most of the Vanity Fairians, including 
George Arnold, Mullen, Winter F. Wood, and others, not
O�Brien, and certain of the colored prostitu-
tes resident at the house in Greene Street
which he and Bob Gun used to frequent, at
a Broadway saloon, I believe the Jones house,
where the whole delightful company got drunk,
Cahill paying expenses.      Young Wood says
he repaid him the whole next day, but Shep-
herd, my informant credits the assertion no
	x Cackle of Mrs Ham�s originating.               
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