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Text for Page 038 [06-15-1860]

	           745 en f�te.
There is also one page of the story, entitled
�Wild and Rejected� in which the hero�s name
is Frank Grahame, written in his usual
hasty ungrammatical style and containing a
poor attempt at describing Matty.    If the
fellow�s passion were worth anything it would
have purified the habitual impurity of his
life.                  Kettle�s marriage didn�t oc-
cur in a shoe-store, but the house of it�s pro-
praetor, a friend of his present wife.
  16.  Saturday.  Writing till noon, then down
town, day very hot and the city all astir with
anticipation of the coming Japanese Embassy.
To Momus Office, twice, to Post Office, by 1,
up-town with Haney.       To Edwards�, shop-
front arranged for spectators of the show;
talking with Mrs E., with Matty and Sally;
they in their working-dresses and very good-hu-
mored.     Haney off to Parton�s, to invite him
and Fanny but Jim was going to visit the Ma-
son�s and Fanny played headache, so wouldn�t
come.    I went back to dinner, loafed for a
couple of hours, then turned out again, into 
thorough Broadway.   Met Newman with Un-
derhill, and the first joined me, talking of
Addey as usual, of his (Newman�s) difficulty
in extracting money from him, of his having to               
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