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Text for Page 046 [06-19-1860]

As I walked up town I was overtaken by
Mr Edwards and we talked of Cahill.  He
congratulated himself on Cahill�s visits to 745
having ceased before the recent dishonesty.   The
affair has appeared in two papers besides the Tri-
bune and Courier.
  20.  Wednesday.  [Phonography] till noon, then down town,
to Nick-nax and Momus Offices.     Afternoon try-
ing to write, out of sorts, rain pouring outside.
Evening went to 14th street, the house where I
once visited Mrs Gouverneur, to see Mrs Levison
about Nick-nax drawings &c.     She was in the
boarding-house parlor, but little changed, rather
approbatively ageable than otherwise, made some-
thing of a joke of her recent losses and called Ca-
hill �a foolish fellow.�    I suppose European travel
has moderated her Americanism.         Being at Bel-
lew�s on Sunday she encountered Banks, who
lamented to her, the appearance of Cahill�s name
in the papers and ascribed his defaulting to �dimity�!
subsequent �squiring Mrs L. to her residence.       To
Bellew�s and there till midnight or later.         His wife
has been sick since Sunday, keeping her bed.        Much
talk of Cahill and folks.         Cahill�s intimacy with
Bellew has been one long series of pecuniary obliga-
tions, of course on the side of the former.            I don�t
believe there�s a kinder fellow living, or, intrinsi-               
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