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Text for Page 056 [06-27-1860]

                  The Humbug at Gravity.
conventional character, �easy things to understand,�
suppose its opposite implies honesty, seriousness
of purpose.       Conman Dick Gunn, my cousin and
fellow-voyager across the Atlantic, was an ex-
emplification of it, in a coarse way, with that little,
common mouse-smelling Sarah Mouatt.  Billington,
who devoted all his spare time to hunting after
carrion of the feminine order, is another instance.
He is grave, not to say dull, gentlemanly in ex
terior, nasal, tall, rather good-looking, after
the Yankee type of it � that is to say black-haired
and wilful-jawed.       He is a minister�s son, too, which
further accounts for his libertinisms.        He�s after
Miss Waite, now � who is able to take care of her-
self.    Morris is another example, but his weakness,
(twin-characteristic to his amiability) restricts
his scope.      But he is grave, his mirth being of
the feminine, easy-to-understand order.      And
thus ends my lucubration.                  Damoreau
left me at the Edwards� gate at 9 �, and I 
found the girls and Haney in the basement as
usual, presently re-inforced by Jack and papa
and mama.      I talked to the latter a good while,
then to Sally.    Matty was occupied with Haney
and Eliza only broke her decidedly conceited silence
to say a rude thing on my addressing her.      These
girls, barring Sally, have been spoiled into a               
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