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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 081 [07-07-1860]

	Brawl between O�Brien and House.
hold Words, that he told such lies that one couldn�t
believe a word he says and the like.   These parti-
culars being dropped into Mullen�s ear, of course
found vent at his mouth; when drunk he confided
them to O�Brien, not naming his informant.     So
O�Brien, conscious, it may be, that House is a thin-
ner and sparer man than himself, chivalrously
determined on punishing his detractor.   He told Shep-
herd that he was going to be very quiet, didn�t want
a row &c but yet chose Pfaff�s as the scene for
this altercation, when the whole crowd, Clapp, Wil-
kins, George Arnold � in short all the Bohemian
gang � were present.       He had just got a $10 check in
part payment for the �Tycoon� burlesque at Laura
Keene�s written or adopted by him in conjunction
with Rosenberg.    Of course his self esteem was swol-
len by the possession of money and he felt a truly
Irish desire to distinguish himself before the crowd.
So approaching House who sat swinging his legs on
a side-table, in the cellar, where the Bohemians
assemble, he put a few questions to him and sud-
denly slapped his face.        House made a rush at
him, O�Brien retreating and squaring off, and
forced him against the wall, seizing him by his
collar or throat.          There was a confused struggle,
ended by House�s breaking away, running to the
table and endeavoring to seize a tumbler or decan-               
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