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Text for Page 095 [07-13-1860]

	  Hicks the �Pirate� and Murderer.
himself and fellows, to a reporter.     There, a humpy
man scored away phonographically.    Some did a
little cheap moralizing in talk, others joked, all
were very hot and relieved when the green sloping 
bank of the island appeared.    Then Rynders made
a bit of a speech, bidding all non-reportorials to
go ashore, the physicians to follow.   About a dozen
claimed the latter denomination!    Agreable to direc-
tion, we then formed a lane, one man deep, through
which the murderer was conducted from cabin
to landing place.    Just then the boat presented a
singular appearance, deserted elsewhere, save for
these two rows of expectant spectators, everything
quiet aboard but the noise of letting off steam;
outside, in the bright, hot sunlight, the cries of
a great concourse awaiting the appearance of the
doomed man.      He marched between the officials,
his hands tied before him, drest in a coat and
trousers of light blue, but no waistcoat, and a
black cap.    A tall, spare fellow, broadshouldered
though, with a down-east Yankee face, bearded,
with shaven upper lip, and looking serious enough
� as though he saw nothing about him.    When
he got out the crowd hooted, but with only tempo-
rary execration.      It was a bright, lively scene,
a perfect flotilla of boats lying out to witness
the spectacle, steamers, row-boats, barges, and,               
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