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Text for Page 105 [07-15-1860]

           �One Sin draws on to Another.�
well with him and Eliza.     Anon Sally appear-
ed, later Miss Anne, then Jack and Mattie,
returned from a walk, Mrs. Edwards and
Haney.     Sally was inconversant till chaffed
into talk, when she, I, and her half-sister
got along well enough.   Stayed till 11 �, leaving
as usual with Haney.         He and Wells took the
girls to the Staten Island camping-ground on
  16.  Monday.  Down town to Harpers, twice,
unsuccessfully and to Frank Leslie�s.   Writing
in the afternoon, and intended it during the
evening, but Damoreau came up and began
more confidences, about the substitute for mar-
riage alluded to in his previous disclosure � the
charming woman �who loved him,� who would
run away with him down south, if he chose.    �Its
a bullet business, if found out� said Charley,
�but I�m devilish careful.�    Briefly told, it is
an adultery, the woman married and a mother,
he made her acquaintance on a Staten Island
ferry-boat, attracting her attention by an act of
courtesy � bringing a chair to another woman.   Then
he seated himself, made an observation about the
weather and she � answered him.        She visits
him.     Her husband gambles and has �no sympathy�
with her.           One sin pumps for another; he lays               
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