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The Vault at PfaffsAn Archive of Art and Literature by the Bohemians of Antebellum New York
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Text for Page 121 [07-29-1860]

	          Bohemian Items.
course some reader discovers this and writes
to Caldwell about it.         He owns some seven of
Arnold�s stories, concocted on this plan, as yet
unpublished.    The Bohemians tell this as a good story
among themselves.  Walt Whitman is voted mean
as he never stands drinks or pays for his own
if it�s possible to avoid it.        Of O�Brien, said
Shepherd, �I never knew he was a man of such
general information.    He gave us a very in-
teresting description of the Monastery of La Trappe
which he seems to have visited, though at first
he had almost forgotten the event� &c &c !!  I
question whether he has ever been in France; he has
equivocated and contradicted himself on the subject
in my presence.              So much for the Bohemians
for this time.
  30.  Monday.  Down town, to Harpers.  John
Bonner read Havana execution article I had de-
signed sending to Dickens� and accepted it.  Only
$6 odd cents.      To Frank Leslie�s, found him
and got ticket for the Great Eastern�s excursion
to Cape May.    Hurried up town and found Da-
morean writing in my room.    Put a few things to-
geether and got down to Hammond Street by 2
P.M.        Dined on sandwiches and lager, then
got aboard by means of the Island Belle tug-boat.
Here, although I have written an account for               
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