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Text for Page 129 [07-31-1860]

	             Scenes Aboard.
ing to change linen (he and Rodel lugged their
luggage ashore, only to bring it back) had been in-
vited into an extremely hot kitchen or scullery,
from which the servants had just been routed!
Being of rather sensitive constitution, the past two
days had almost upset him, unlike the jolly
Frenchman, his companion.  Sundry sports in
progress, among others a boxing match between
two sailors, with gloves on.      As usual, they lost
temper and pitched into one another with all the 
vigor of wrath and earnestness.           Below, I find
the stewardess establishing women in our cabin,
and am entreated and cajoled into removal to an
adjoining one, in one of the berths of which, I
by 9 � esconce myself, little Boweryem tempo-
rarily in another.        (The steamer which put him
on board having departed during our feed, he
resolves to return to New York by the Great East-
ern.)        Presently two of the occupants came down,
and we have a talk, when they go off as anon
does Boweryem.    I take a turn on deck, pre-
sently returning and to bed comfortably enough.
By 12 an officer of the ship came pounding at
the doors, wanted to see tickets, saw mine,
declared that he shouldn�t disturb me, but blew
up stewardess.        The woman, a dark-haired,
rather pleasant-looking English-woman, of the Mrs               
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