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Text for Page 131 [07-31-1860]

	       End of the Excursion.
Lupin sort, had been bribed, and this with a
characteristic mismanagement of tickets, had ef-
fected a hideous bungle.        I had a good berth,
though, with ventilation from big circular window
overhead.    The two other berths were occupied, the
top one by one of the �World� men � editor, he
said � the lower by a western man.            I had a
talk with the editor before going to sleep and he
seemed a good fellow.

  1.  Wednesday.  Was aroused by Boweryem
who had managed pretty well with mattress in
saloon.         Half an hour after we breakfasted
in cabin on the remains of our dinner and pies
brought aboard from Cape May by the western
man, in view of contingencies.   A wash in
barber�s saloon (price 10 cents) and Boweryem
got shaved, then on deck and jolly enough, with
a near prospect of New York.       Found Rondel
and crony and kept with them until debarkation
which was tedious enough, we having to remain
broiling on barge and steamboat till half past 11.
Left Rondel and crony to dine at the Optimus,
and with Boweryem to 132 Bleecker.   On going
up stairs he found that the agreable Albert Boley
with some male friend, had taken possession of his               
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