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Text for Page 137 [08-05-1860]

	   The Girls on Horseback.
middle.     The sermon a good and earnest one.
Loafing in the afternoon, walk in the evening.
A good deal of discursive reading, talking and
diverse pleasure taking during the day.   In the
stroll, I walked with Eliza, returning, with her
and Sally.
  6.  Monday.  Paterfamilias off by 10 o�clock
coach for Troy and thence to New York.  (I
have forgot to put down that yesterday evening, Jack
and Matty had a ride together.      The girls liked
this exercise so much last year, that Collard hired
a horse from his father-in-law, in addition to the
one he possesses.   So two riders can always be ac-
commodated.    While Matty was arraying herself
in her riding dress, Sally had a bit of a gallop
on the horse, bare-headed and in her pink evening
dress, crinolined to the ordinary extent, so that
when she was mounted, the horse�s tail seemed
to emerge from her voluminous flounces.  She jump-
on and rode with plenty of spirit, and the for-
mer operation excited the admiration of the assem-
bled rustics, who might have seen more than a neat
foot.           Matty, in her riding-dress, sans cri-
noline looked tall and very pretty, and though
more timid than either of her sisters, went off gal-
lantly enough.)              Before Mr Edwards start-
ed we took a walk, in the direction of the ponds,               
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