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Text for Page 201 [08-31-1860]

	       We encounter Lotty.
of the hall when Mason came in, a gun in his
hand, with which he had been trying to punish
the aggressions of neighbor�s chickens.  I spoke to
him, when we passed upstairs as without recognition,
and I remembered, then, my putting him into my
boarding-house book as �a little, low Englishman�
or something of the sort.    He has recently returned
from a two or three months visit to the old coun-
try, which has considerably mollified his Americo-
phobia.    �It rained every day there.�     With his
wife, he removes to New York soon.          I fancy
the cub made a good mercantile investment in
marrying honest Jane Gibson, she is forewoman
or something of the sort in a millinery establish-
ment and earns thrice or twice as much as he
does.    He looked broad, squat and sturdy.
We supped with Mr & Mrs M. and the children,
then, ascertaining at Lotty�s house the way the
party had taken, walked thither, to Spuytendevil
Creek, where we encountered Lotty, Brentnall,
Hill and some three or four others, mostly fe-
male.    Lotty shook hands and immediately
began to tax Boweryem about Kinne�s comments
on her card (which had been retailed to Hill by
Phillips) doing indignant respectability on the
subject.  Presently she said Kinne had to be
thrashed, to be knocked down � that she�d under-               
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