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And because dame Nature orter
To have given her a daughter,
Edwards Welles, they�ve gone and ta�en,
And given him the name of Jane;x
� Yet Edward�s been to Brooklyn town
And got a Mary of his own,
And dared the lovely girl to dub
�Brooklyn Literary Club!��
�Club!� � �tis well � the word of God
Commandeth Ned to kiss the rod!

And now we come to one
One Thomas Butler Gunn,
If his sire believed be
From Hudibras desended he.�
But I fear its imposition
No brass is in his composition.
Yet miracles does Mr Gunn work,
Every day before he�s done work,
Out of the world, whosoever�s hurled
Tom passes him back into the World
  x One of Mort Thomson�s bestowing, after his
Grand-Sultanic way.
  � Some Doestickian scandal about Welles.
  � So mine uncle Fielder believed, and so (of
course) I�m not unwilling to credit.               
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