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Text for Page 028 [01-04-1861]

	The Lynching of an Abolitionist.

[photograph of men in front of the Mills House]

left the Mills House,
of a dreary, dark
showery night and
at the suggestion of
the former we must
needs go have some
oysters at a place
in the same street
on the other side of
the way, some dis-
tance nearer to
the Charleston Ho-
(The Mills House Charleston S. C.)    tel.   Here and
subsequent, young Mitchel fell to talking about
abolitionists, asserting that he had assisted in lynch-
ing one, in a certain county in Alabama, but two
weeks ago. �And� he said, �I�m not ashamed to say
that I pulled at the rope.            I render myself amena-
ble to the law by the admission, for as it was done
by the Vigilance Committee, of which I am a member,
it was, of course, illegal.           But I am confiding it
to gentlemen and men of honor!�    This boy with
his frail arms no thicker than a rabbit�s legs,
which I could have snapped by a vigorous twist
of the wrist, to be talking thus!    I inquired parti-
culars.        The man was murdered as an insti-               
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