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Text for Page 081 [01-18-1861]

	And early married Life.
adjacent.�     Hannah and Rosa took long walks,
used to meet Charley on his return from London,
at night.        He starts for business at 8 A.M., re-
turning by 9 at night, involving a long walk to
and from the railroad-station each time.     He is
the kindest and most thoughtful of husbands, works
hard, comes home tired out and �is low in spirits
sometimes,� when he will say �he is weary of life;
that there is nothing worth living for; that he wished
his night�s sleep might end the world with him�;
at which Hannah used to wonder, but attributes
it to remembrance of what preceded the marriage.
Our folks don�t visit Chigwell, but �Naomi went
with William Bolton, last week.�     Edwin was work-
ing at the house previous to the marriage, but left
when the wedded pair returned from their bridal
trip to Ramsgate � �this worries Charley.�  My sis-
ter Rosa had been with Edwin and Sarah Ann,
getting things in order, but on the arrival of the mar-
ried couple, she (Rosa) left for London before
brea they had breakfasted.        Mrs. Charley �might
heal the breach if she liked, but don�t seem to care
about it;� she is very kind to Charley, has
nothing to do and the days seem long to her.
The first of Hannah�s weeks in London was a
wet one, spent at the Heritages.    She visited               
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