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Text for Page 056 [04-02-1861]

      Mrs. Griffin-Gouverneur-Gill�s husband.
talked of Damoreau, whom they have lionized
a good deal, though the state of thraldom into
which he has relapsed seems perceptible enough,
even to them.       Looked in at Haney�s office,
took 6th avenue car to 16th street.   Haney in the
Hayes� room with a swollen and bandaged face,
akin to his throat complaint.       Dined at the
boarding-house table, in front of me Mr and Mrs
Theodore Griffin, the latter ex-Gouverneur.   She
looked pretty well; he is a sturdy squarish built
young man.     I gossipped a little with her, Mrs
Pot and with a comely deserted wife by my side.
There�s been a row at Niagara among the Griffin
family, Mrs G. Mrs Potter�s sister foreclosing
and purchasing the hotel, to secure her loans.
Mrs P. intimates that Mrs Theo. wanted to get the
hotel without paying for it.    They don�t know any-
thing about one another, now.       Up-stairs again.
Jack Edwards came.      Mrs Pot played cars with
old Hayes, anon he played with Haney, I look-
ed over pictures, anon we talked, Jack and I
leaving at about 10.             Williston the watchma-
ker has gone crazy, after doing a good many kna-
vish transactions, among others disposing of two
watches confided to him by Haney and escheating
the money.       He used to look a jolly man. (He
kept a mistress.  Crazy story all bosh.  May 1861.)               
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