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Text for Page 011 [06-16-1861]

             A Boarding House Scandel.
  16.  Sunday.  Jack Edwards and Haney
up, proposing a visit to the Staten Island
camps.      Writing all the afternoon and evening.
Mac Cullough up, wanting me to write to Bob
Gun to urge his claims to the $50, borrowed
of him.            This night, Geary and his daugh-
ter go off to Canada, on a singing excursion,
with Sam Cowell.    The Tom Thumb engage-
ment hasn�t proved a success, and I do mightily
distrust the $60 weekly payment.     Pollock, a 
goodlooking counterjumper, as Griswold calls
him, of Canadian birth, picks up a fragment
of a letter to-day, in which his initial is taxed 
with meeting Miss Mina Geary�s, �outside, every
day,� with the grammatical insinuation, �I�m
afraid it has gone too late,� by way of rider.
Pollock is exasperate thereon.   Cahill suspected
little Boweryem of the authorship; as he confesses,
unjustly.      I suspect Bitch Ham, possibly with
equal prejudice.            Pollock and little Geary did
a deal of matutinal gushing, before the tenor
with the strabismic eye was up of mornings.
  17.  Monday.   To the �Evening Post� office
and there, after considerable delay, got off to
Governor�s Island, going in the government row-
boat.         Colonel Smith, the officer in command,
had just gone to New York, so after an inter-               
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