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Text for Page 041 [07-06-1861]

	      Off for Canada.
him and Kendall.     Haney came to sup and
stayed till ten.   At the Optimus together.
  7.  Sunday.   In-doors writing till evening;
then to Frank Hillard�s new house.  There till
10.   Return and doorstep till midnight, with
Cahill and our women-boarders.
  8.  Monday.   To �Evening Post� Office, saw God-
win, got $50.     To F. Leslie, saw W. Waud;
sherry-cobblers with him for half-an-hour at
Crook and Duff�s.     Hither and thither; paid tai-
lor; up-town.       All the evening and best part of
the afternoon, both of which were oppressively
sultry, packing up trunk and Ca carpet-bag,
with Cahill�s help and stowing away books in
the big box left by Bob Gun.   (I don�t retain
my room during my absence; Cahill propo-
sing to occupy it.)       Out with Cahill, to Ay-
liffe�s store for claret-punches, and sitting in
the rear of his place, Haney found and joined
us.     Abed by midnight; the hottest of the sea-
  9.  Tuesday.  Up betimes, out to order car-
riage, good byes and by 10, off with Cahill;
stopping at 745 to bid the folks good bye, ac-
cording to Haney�s suggestion last night.  Cahill
kept snug in the sultry carriage, while I ran
up-stairs into the shop, finding Sally and Eliza               
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