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Text for Page 044 [07-10-1861]

                 Heylyn�s Confessions.
him, saw to the sending of my baggage to his
house and called at the office of W. Rogers, in
the Arcade.    He is an Attorney and Counsellor
at Law, also the husband of Jim Parton�s sis-
ter.    Not finding him, I set off with Heylyn to
his house, a neat wooden one, towards the outskirts,
about a mile�s distance from his place of busi-
ness.   On the road, he volunteered certain con-
fidences.  �You�ll see a Mrs. Brinton there,� he
said; �maybe I�m too intimate with her; but you
know how it is with my wife� (an allusion to her
prolapsus interi) � �she knows all about it and
doesn�t mind.�     Furthermore, however, it appeared
that Mrs. Heylyn had declared a good deal of
detestation of her husband, not directly on account
of his infidelity, which she had consented to, or
connived at; but because she �had got it
into her head� that he thought more of Jean than
of herself, and �had taken a spite against him.�
She had been so, he said, ever since her accident;
he believed she was going crazy; he would have
to send her away, if it went on; there was no
living with her.   She had talked about getting a
divorce, living away from him; to either of which
propositions he would consent, and he had suggested that
she should go to visit some acquaintances for a
month or two; just to see how she liked it.               
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