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Text for Page 079 [07-22-1861]

          Housekeeping and Characteristics.
kill a suckling-pig, (value $1) or a duck,
(value 35 cents) as �we� have more than we know
what to do with; and he and I pick the first
peas of the season, without authorization.  At night
I compound myself a glass of milk-punch, George
lies on a settee, monosyllabic, William disposes
of the remainder of a glass of weak � very weak �
gin-and-water, left over from last night, and
we all sit by the light of one tallow candle �
not a mould one � which requires frequent snuffing.
I read the �Examiner� (expedited from New York)
awhile, and then, when the rest have gone to bed,
commit an atrocious violation of hospitality, by
scribbling in this diary, up to the very late hour
of eleven, when I lock it up and go to bed, too.
  23.  Tuesday.   Loafing and scribbling till 11.
then off in the wagon with George and William, to
Paris, the latter being impressed to attend to the sel-
ling of butter.   George didn�t speak agreeably to
the young fellow, (whom he doesn�t pay, except by
an occasional bonus of, I cannot suppose a very
heavy amount) muttering something about �never
understanding,� when he bade him �Come, jump
in!� to the wagon, which set me thinking of the
young man�s being the brother of the dead Sarah.
It was blazing hot on the road, George saying
scarce a word.  At Paris, where we stopped to               
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