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Text for Page 081 [07-23-1861]

          A Drive to Blenheim Township.
sage that Kennedy, Superintendent of Police,
wanted to see him.   He was kept in the Detect-
ive�s Office, without charge or warrant, or
examination from Wednesday until Saturday,
merely on Dodge�s affidavit.   Finally the British
Consul liberated him, on the promise of his being
forthcoming when wanted.      Will wants me to
send him a detail of Dodge�s villany.           To
John Conworth�s; a snack; then, changing our
wagon for Conworth�s and taking Henry Tew aboard,
off for a seventeen-mile drive to the house of the elder brother
of the Tew family, in Blenheim township.       It was
a pleasant ride; part of it through picturesque
and woody country, where the smell of the pines
and balsams was delicious and the sky and water
beautiful.   We passed a good deal of rough land
and some swamp.        At the house we got a very
hearty, if quiet welcome, and a nice supper.   After
a not very delightful tramp through wheat fields
and over ploughed turnip ones, with our host
and George (who was occupied in picking up infor-
mation) we returned, talked and drank cowslip
wine of Warwickshire make, in honor of 
Arthur Tew�s birthday.   He has a wife with
two daughters, one a girl of four, another of six.
They both toddle about without shoes or stockings
but wear hooped skirts, and the eldest walks with               
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