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Text for Page 119 [08-16-1861]

	    Some News from Home.
for sketches and photographs, and an intimation
that Bellew, now on his way to New York, has 10s.
more from another source.  The letter is full of sym-
pathy for George, a hope that he�ll visit our folks
if he come to England &c. �Mrs. Charles Gunn� has
been for two or three weeks in Neithrop, and at our
house subsequently.   (Bye the bye, in a letter written to
George and exhibited by him to me, this young per-
son was guilty of a characteristic piece of suppression.
She bemoaned the inhumanity of her mother and sister
not coming to her during her confinement, but said not
a word of my mothers and sisters visit � when her
double dealing with Charley before marriage and indif-
ference to my mother after, might have justified 
their stopping away.)    Sam�s wife is sea-bathing at
Ramsgate, Naomi at Harrow, Rosa projecting a
Neithrop visit, my mother �a fixture at home,� on
my father�s account, � �perhaps it is better,� adds
she.     She and Rosa have �dined at Harley Place
with aunt and cousin Fielder, when George �told 
them of his trav voyaging about the Mediterranean
in his yacht, Julia, his sojourning at Constantino-
ple and Athens, going to a court ball at the latter
place, and entertaining Garibaldi off
Caprera.          My brother Charley is looking for a
house, getting tired of his daily distances.
  Heylyn writes only one sentence worth preserving:               
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