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Text for Page 127 [08-19-1861]

             Tew�s Characteristics and Farm.
Gardner the pugilist came to Canada to avoid the 
consequences of half-killing another, and gave spar-
ring exhibitions, William Tew tried his bruising
pretensions and, I think, successfully encountered
them.      In occasional  (not by any means nume-
rous fights, he has established his reputation as a
formidable antagonist.     He farms well, but easily,
fishing, hunting and shooting as much as he pleases
� which is a good deal.   Consequently I suppose he
does not make as much profit as others, but
lives infinitely better and I think I�d rather board
with him than with any farmer in Canada.     He
is, too, the soul of quiet unpretentious hospitality.
He likes a drink of whiskey and is as liberal with
it too others as to himself.      He loves children, and
if driving in an opposite direction to one of them, is
sorry that he cannot give it a lift.         His farm is
more picturesque, being so well wooded and watered
than these of his brothers or Conworth�s.    The house
is a spacious convenient one, built of cool-looking
stone, with trees about it and a spacious orchard 
one side.      There is a declivity within twenty yards
or so of the rear, and woods at no great distance.
I like both the farm and its owner exceedingly.
The first has all the virtues which Dickens is fond
of gratuitously combining with oddity and extrava-
gant, caricatured traits, as in Joe Gargery; and               
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