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Text for Page 142 [08-28-1861]

                 Part of a Night on the Island.
much desultory half-discussion, John Tew went a-
way.        At 5, I proposed to William that we should 
go over to the island and spend the evening in trying
for craw-fish, which we did; boy Willy accompany-
ing.    After setting our nets, we sought the end of the 
island, amid the thick clump of trees that had af-
forded us shelter during yesterday�s rain, and there,
first establishing a big �back-log,� built up a goodly
fire, which blazed and roared bravely, enabling
us rather to enjoy the pattering of another storm on
the leaves overhead.      Here we stayed, night coming
down upon us, the fire lighting up our leafy
canopy, rendered tremulous by its heat, and making
great shadows of the tall tree-trunks; while the
back-ground of driftwood and timber grew
densely black and the little creak swirled and 
eddied around us.       Our crawfishing proved un-
successful, we abandoned it for the fire, ate some
of the sandwiches prepared for Pine Pond, and lay
and enjoyed the blaze; Tew on the rough log-seat
heretofore contrived, I and bare-legged Willy (who
was mighty curious to know whether we intended to
stay all night) on a broad plank, at first used
as our screen from the heat of the fire.   By 10
we resolved to return to the farm-house, and did
so, encountering some difficulty in the darkness and
devious, woody, ferny island; I for my part mis-               
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