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Text for Page 166 [09-10-1861]

	         Our Lodgings.
There Mr. Bowman senior was good enough to
partly close the window and we incontinently tumb-
led into a feather bed, cracking the cords thereof,
but not so as to render it impracticable.      The
room, of the smallest size, had no furniture but
a wash-hand-stand.      It was ornamented by
two cheap, gaudy, colored lithographs, �The Fasci-
nating Milliner� and the �Baptism of Our Savior,�
in which a brawny St John resembled Heenan
administering �punishment.�  We lay laughing
and cutting jokes under our breath (for the girls
had retired into the adjoining room) for half an
hour or so and then fell asleep, to the music of 
the rain outside.
  11.  Wednesday.   It was a very like getting up
to be hanged, rising before daybreak to the lugu-
brious toll of that dreary bell, but we did it, turn-
ing out by 5, when there appeared a wretched, sick-
ly streak of light in the east, through the drizzle
and mist.       The old folks had already partaken
of breakfast though, and Mr Bowman, attired
in wig, stove-pipe hat and suit of shiny black,
was, with his wife ready to start for a ten
mile ride to his sister�s funeral.    There had been
talk of the young ladies going also, but the rain
operated against it.     So when Mr and Mrs B.
had shaken hands with us and driven off in a               
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