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Text for Page 196 [09-20-1861]

	     I return to New York.
a fool ever to have got married as I did.�   He
went on to talk about his wife having �these spells,� to
assert that he couldn�t help thinking more of �Jean�
than of her, that things couldn�t go on so, that
�Jean� wouldn�t remain, that he felt bound to take
care of her and much more.       To the Railroad
dep�t; reclaimed baggage, got it checked through,
goodbye to Heylyn and off.   In the sleeping-car.
Heylyn had given me an owl � a small one known
as of the �cat-�species � in a temporary cage contrived from
a cigar box, which I stowed away in conjunction
with a jug or stone-bottle of Canadian whiskey.   Off.
Turned in by 10 o�clock, as did others, for the
car was well filled.   At Syracuse an old boy mount-
ed the shelf adjoining mine and was subsequently
disturbed by the snoring of an adjacent sleeper.
�Grease that man�s nose!� he suggested.  I slept
  21.  Saturday)       well enough as I generally
do, travelling.    We arrived at Albany by 3. A. M.
I lay till near 6 as I know my train did not
depart till 9 �.  Breakfast at a river-side place,
where a woman apostrophized my civil with un-
conscious eloquence as �Poor little misery!�  Over the
river by ferry-boat.      Three hours of heat, head-
ache and waiting (during which I felt not unlike
the owl) then off.       Sunny and gritty.  A man
named Lowry, a lawyer, who had met me at               
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