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Text for Page 036 [11-02-1861]

	More Boarding-House Scandal.
the occupation of which, during the past week,
there is a pretty history to chronicle.  Seven days
ago, in accordance with a paper-invitation, display-
ed on our door posts, two young women pre-
sented themselves as boarders, stating themselves to
be dancers at �Canterbury Hall,� one of the Broad-
way places of evening entertainment, named after
the London one.    Mrs. Boley was rather shy of them
but incontinently they took possession of the room
in question and appeared, not very regularly,
at the table.    One was a rather tawdrily-dressed
girl of about eighteen, with a look about the eyes
as though she were accustomed to be up all night,
the other, her elder by five or six years.   They
behaved quietly enough before others, but 
Cahill and Halsted, speedily ascertaining
their character, availed themselves of it.  Halsted,
by the way, is a very newly-married man; he
returned from a journey down-east, two weeks
ago, made for the object of terminating his bache-
lorhood.     Previously, he was making love to Mina
Geary, up to the day of the soft-hearted Irish
girl�s departure, telling both Cahill and Boweryem
that she had consented to it and that only the
probability of his obtaining a commission and
joining the army presented his carrying the               
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