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Text for Page 047 [11-04-1861]

he would not have been satisfied with without
extraordinary fortune.       It is a Bolton charac-
teristic always to grumble at ordinary well
doing, and I have remarked that when unex-
ampled luck has befallen them, they admit
their satisfaction as though they were modest,
reasonable, and moderate, in being content with
so little.            The little humbug, George�s sis-
ter, naturally indignant at deceit, resolves to
keep her namesake �at arm�s length in future�
� and she and poor Charley don�t look at
all too happy.  And so much of things in
England.         Writing and drawing all the
afternoon and evening, even till about 2 A.P.
next morning.     Cahill, Boweryem and Shep-
herd up irregularly.
  5.  Tuesday.   Down town.   Saw Bonner
read proof of story, got $15.      Fletcher Har-
per told version of O�Brien�s homicide.  To
Frank Leslie�s, saw him and Wood.         W.
Waud, Berghans and White (all-artists on
the paper) came out.  With them to Crook and
Duff�s.        Others there; Glover the lewd and
foolish-faced; Anthony the engraver (the
lower part of whose face is singularly mean
and unsatisfactory) and Banks passed 
out.     Bellew in, momentarily.   Found him               
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