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Text for Page 080 [11-28-1861]

		Hayes at Home.
whose paternity he is justly proud.   He re-
ceived me with a good deal of hospitality and
presently presented me to his wife.   She is a down-
cast young woman, tall, dark-haired and eyed,
with a nice figure and color in her cheeks, in
which the cheek-bones are a little perceptible.  I liked
her; she reminded me of Hannah.            We had a 
nice dinner of her cooking, a pudding of her ma-
king and then adjourned into the room into which
I had first been inducted, to tobacco and whiskey,
with interludes of Mrs Hayes and baby.       Stayed
till 11, then to New York, feeling bachelorish.    It
were better to be an engraver on wood with $20 
or $25 a week than to write stories and make
caricatures � when you can get them accepted.
  29.  Friday.   A dismal, wet day.   Story wri-
ting.  Shepherd up and, part of the time, Cahill.
It is his 28th birth-day and he regrets the proba-
bility of his being obliged to keep it soberly, not
expecting to get his wages till tomorrow.    However
he did obtain it and came home drunk enough,
but with money to pay Mrs Boley, at 5.     After
a doze of an hour and a half, I woke him up,
as he had to do some reporting and he went off,
leaving me and Shepherd.        Presently Morris
came up; he had been to 745, found only pater-
familias and learnt that the girls had gone to               
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