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Text for Page 088 [12-06-1861]

	Williams returned from Russia.
our landlady.    All his money goes in liquor;
his wages lasting about a day and a half.      The
tavern-keepers, the John Shieldses, the Harry Pear-
sons and such, knowing his position, give him credit,
hence he had arrears to discharge each pay-day,
so that Mrs Boley is lucky if she gets her weekly
$5.                Billington came at sunset, with an
imperial on his chin.     He says he is studying medi-
cine and �teaching.�    With him and Shepherd
to Haney�s for ale at 9 o�clock, staying an hour
or more.       Banks came in and talked.
  7.  Saturday.   Down town with Shepherd and
Cahill.     To the Sun Office, being addressed by
young Wiley, the publisher�s son, by the way, who
asked about Cornelius Bagster.         He is, it seems,
still at Prince Edward�s Island.              To the Eve-
ning Post Office.  Nordhoff, Ripley and Williams
there � the latter just returned from Russia, whi-
ther he went as secretary to Cassius Clay, wri-
ting good letters to the Post, during his absence.
Saw Maverick upstairs, Godwin out.      Returning
up Nassau Street, met Shepherd, very irate about
Cahill, who had kept him waiting an hour or
more at the Park Hotel, on the promise of return-
ing to pay him that $5.        To F. Leslie�s.     Up
town by 3.      Shepherd followed.   He had ascer-
tained that Cahill got his money yesterday.     Of               
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