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Text for Page 108 [12-21-1861]

extracting from thence an extremely torn $2
bill, the remains of his weekly $16.       It appear-
ed he had been driving about the city in a carriage,
getting drunk, in company with Armstrong.       Re-
sisted Shepherd�s entreaty for $3; made an
agreement to meet him at Mataran�s at 1 �,
then to see him off, by the Camden and Ambay
boat, then down-town with M. S. to the �Post� of-
fice; saw Godwin and Maverick; thence to Har-
per�s.  Up in the composing room, story not all
set up yet.    To F. Leslie�s.       Met Banks, to
Haney�s; Newman in.       At Mataran�s.   Banks
in there; talking with him and waiting.        To
Crook and Duffs.     A cold, windy, sunny,
dusty day.        I thought that Banks might want
a meal and proposed lunch, but he had fed, and
so only took a piece of sophisticated pie.        He
told me of the arrival of Patrick B. Bellew
with his wife, and how the said Patrick had
got drunk in Banks� company.   Shepherd not
appearing, went back to Bleecker Street when
I found both him and Cahill, the latter silent
and hungry, for Mrs. Boley had reused him
his lunch, telling him she didn�t care how soon
he cleared out of the house.      Shepherd got a
dollar from me and took him out to give him
a meal.       When they returned to the dinner-               
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