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Text for Page 117 [12-25-1861]

	        Patrick Beckett Bellew.
Lancers with Miss Behm.    Josey Brown was
the prettiest girl of the company; if her eyes were
larger, her face would be perfect � it is faultness in its clear
purity of outline and expression.   A beauty should
have bigger eyes than common.     The party went
off well enough and I enjoyed it in a quiet way,
but none of the persons present � the Edwardses � 
were invested with any of the old enchantment with
which I once regarded them.            We had �God
save the Queen,� on papa Edwards� proposition �
not sang with too much earnestness on the part of
the Americans, with two of their own national chants
afterwards.        A sharp wintry night out of doors,
as I walked thoughtfully attic-wards.
  26.  Thursday.   A letter from nephew 
Edward �Bristol� at St. Joseph�s, Missouri,
telling of his enlistment and movements.  Writing.
Down town in the afternoon; met Jones, who spake
of Levan, Mrs. Butler and himself.       In Nas-
sau Street met Banks with P. Beckett Bellew,
and the latter must fain have me drink with him.
He has already got into a fight or two, one on
the question of a man�s striking his dog.  A strong,
stalwart fellow, with more of the pugilist in him
than anything else; has roughed it in Australia;
smokes tobacco so strong that a horse shouldn�t draw
it and does it all the time.           Met Haney moment-               
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