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Text for Page 153 [01-03-1862]

	Captain and Mrs. Robertson.
obtained.   He represented him as a British of-
ficer, and his wife as a perfect English lady, of
travelled, colonial experience and jolly, hospitable
disposition.   Also he learnt from her that she was
the wife of John Brougham the actor � his first
wife � I don�t know that the second has any
legitimate claims to the title.     I remember
when there were two �Mrs. Broughams� playing
in New York and have heard that Brougham
dropped the first, because of her infidelity with
Jim Wallack � characteristically, however, sug-
gesting a Phallic extenuation in her behalf.
Brougham himself was no more continent than
actors generally are.             In consequence of
these stories and of Boweryem�s praise, I was
willing enough to visit the pair.      We had an
amusing evening of it.     Roberyson is a stout,
middle-aged, dark-haired, whiskered Scotch-
man � so he says � on half-pay; his wife a
woman of forty odd � an actress all over,
of the Mrs. Fanny Wallack sort, though I don�t
know that she gets drunk.     Mrs. R. was jolly,
cordial and hospitable, gave Boweryem
tea while I drank Bourbon whiskey with her
husband.    She told stories, too, colonial and
theatrical.   I got her to relate the history of the
production of �London Assurance,� which she did               
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