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Text for Page 161 [01-04-1862]

	   Matty on a Sunday morning.
from their undesired companion.     He lived in
ignoble hiding, and had got in debt to the full
extent of his ability.         Altogether, as afore-
said, an Irish-Thackerayesque family.       Sey-
mour, Cahill�s cousin, once, in speaking of Bel-
lew, declared him to be
�as wily as an Indian� � but two-thirds of it I
pronounce, mighty short-sighted coming. Neverthe-
less his good-nature, his liberality, his
good manners, his ability and, above all, his
success, will always make him popular.   Inci-
dal to our talk on the subject, Cahill declares that
Haney likes men only because of their success
in life, and pays court to them accordingly.  I don�t 
endorse this, but there�s some truth in it.   Possibly
it�s in the blood, for his features
and physique are so essentially Jewish that I am
persuaded that you wouldn�t have to go back very
far in his pedigree without running up
against a veritable Hebrew.                 Writing in-
doors all day.	
  5.  Sunday.   A lovely winter�s day.    Out for
a walk, looked into 745 to get Christmas Book.
Comely Matty all alone, having just finished
making the Sunday pudding.  Talked of Parton
who is at present very Anglophobic and repudiates
his nationality � which it is to be hoped that Great               
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