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Text for Page 182 [01-22-1862]

	     An Evening at Bellew�s.
much the same dreary winter weather out of doors,
and as dreary impecuniosity in my pockets.   Little
Allie made an incursion once or twice, when it was
touching to see how fond her father was of her.   He
had to leave the room occasionally in accordance 
with the servant girl�s summons.       On the announce-
ment of dinner, he said, �I won�t ask you to din-
ner, Gunn � my mother-in-law�s here � and she
and I don�t get along very well together � we�ll
have a quiet feed by ourselves, if you don�t mind
waiting.�      So I drew on for another three-quarters
of an hour, during which time (to make the resem-
blance to the days at 27th street more complete)
Hamilton came up.     He was saponaceous as of
old, talked anglo-phobia glibly enough, said his
profession had deserted him, that he must throw it
up and adopt anything.          Presently young Wheeler
entered and soon afterwards took his mother off.
I descended to a grouse dinner, appetizing enough
to a hungry man, though savoring of the condition
of the Laodicean Christians in Paul�s time.        Bel-
lew didn�t bear me company.    Returning up
stairs, I drew till midnight, Hamilton leaving two
hours earlier.
  23.  Thursday.   In doors, dreary enough
and doing but little until evening.  At 9 went to
745.   Haney there and Paterfamilias, smoking their               
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