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Text for Page 183 [01-23-1862]

	       Haney�s Account of the
pipes and Matty, with the piano for a table, making
a dress for her adornment, on the occasion of Jack
Crockett�s wedding, which is to take place next Wed-
nesday; all of us being invited.      The cards of the
pair were awaiting me.     Sat and talked; anon
came Eliza, Jack, their mother and presently
Anne.      Eliza and Jack had recently sat for
their photographic cartes de visite, and the former
brought them down to show me.         After some chat
and joking, I secured copies.         Stayed till past
11, then accompanied Haney to 16th street, where
we sat in his room, drinking madeira, presented to
him by a custom-house officer, one of his fellow
boarders.        Throughout the evening we had been
more than common cordial and friendly and we
dropped gradually into one of our confidential talks
about the family and, inevitably of Sally.        It
seems that neither she nor her husband are very
frequent visitors at 745, now; their indifference
perhaps amounting to a want of feeling.   Nast
does not even care to drop in on his daily returns up-
town.         The girls visit them, persisting in doing
so.     Both Eliza and Anne have received the reward
of their partisanship against Haney in being 
thrown over.     Eliza, longing to be restored to her old
friendly relations with him, attempts it indirectly, but
he designs that she shall ask what�s the matter               
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