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Text for Page 184 [01-23-1862]

	Nasts� relations to the Edwardses.
before reinstating her, thereby giving the girl a whole-
some and deserved lesson � in all kindness to her.
Good Matty � honest Matty � shows best of all; she
is not brilliant or very quick-witted, but she wants
to do right and is incapable of duplicity and ingrat-
titude.    She will be nineteen next Sunday; Eliza
seventeen within three days afterwards.   �I wish,� 
said Haney, of Matty, �that some young fellow
would come along and marry her  and then I
should hate him!�         Much of the tenderness of
which her elder sister was most unworthy, Haney
has diverted to Matty; though he does not confess,
perhaps even to himself, any definite intention in
it.     He has got bravely over his former disappoint-
ment at length, and our estimate of Sally is al-
most the same.      For me the girl has ceased to
exist as completely as any living person can do so:
I don�t think of or care about seeing her.       Apro-
pos, I once ventured a prediction that the marriage
would affect Nast�s relations with Sol Eytinge; it
has come true.    There were propositions that the wives
of the friends should become acquainted with each
other and Maggie (she has dropped the name of
�Allie� entirely, now) wrote a letter to Mrs. Tommy
Nast, possibly inviting her to Brooklyn.           Sally
rather verdantly replied by saying that she didn�t
think her mother would approve of her acceptance,               
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