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Text for Page 190 [01-26-1862]

	    And Talk of his Brother.
her kinsfolk said, �Well, if he can manage her
its more than her mother and grandmother could,�
expecting she would prove a shrew.    I asked if
she were English.        No; Italian-Irish, or French
Irish; I forget which.              Beckett came home
drunk, night after night, brawled, shouted, swore,
brought home riotous and inebriated companions;
treating his wife�s objections as those of a child � in
short his conduct was atrocious.     Now they get on
capitally together. (?) It was her money they were living
on; but she came to him for every penny of it; he
played Sultan in saying yes or no; half the time
he would tell her they couldn�t afford this or that
� they must be very economical.       Of course I
demurred at accepted Petruchio as a model for all
husbands, suggesting Justice as the basis of all
relations between man and woman, as between man
and man.          I saw and knew that he generalized
entirely from his individual experience.      He assert-
ed that all good, kind, gentle-spirited men were hen-
pecked; they could not bear to do the things neces-
ary to bring women to reason.       Then came the
statement of his own case, put hypothetically.  He
knew a man whose wife�s behavior was eating his
heart out.   He was well off � nice house and all
that sort of thing � had a good business � they might
live quite comfortable, but it was horrible.       He               
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