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Text for Page 191 [01-26-1862]

	          Bellew�s Account of
hated debt (?) did everything he could to keep out
of it, but she would incur bills, leaving him the
difficulty and responsibility of meeting them.  He
came home, after a day�s business down town, and
found two or three persons, with bills which he knew
nothing about � there might be $30 owing for shoes,
$20 more for this, $15 for that, all debts of
his wife�s contracting.   Sometimes she would deny
having ordered the articles � a women had not the 
smallest hesitation or compunction at resorting to a
lie on any occasion on which she conceived it might
be of service to her.        You talked to these people,
persuaded two of them to go away, paid the third.
Then you remonstrated with your wife; she recri-
mated, said mean, odious things to you, went
into hysterics.   Or you came home tired and hun-
gry and found no dinner prepared.      She said
she couldn�t get any; you left her no money; al-
though you had given her plenty for the weeks ex-
penses before.  You put on your hat and went
out, got a meal at a restaurant and returned
at midnight.     Then, tired out, when you wanted
to sleep, she, who had had a good doze throughout
the afternoon, persisted in talking till day-light.
In the morning you came down a little wearied
and unfit for business.        The same scenes occur-
red during the day, the next day, the day after               
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