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Text for Page 260 [1888]

              [loose newspaper clipping]
F. H. Temple Bellew, the Artist and Writer,
	Dies at His Daughter�s Home.
  F. H. Temple Bellew, the well-known artist and
writer, died yesterday morning at the residence of
his daughter, Mrs. Jones, on Long Island.  For
thirty years Mr. Bellew drew for different illus-
trated papers in this country, and his signature of
�Bellew,� inclosed in a triangle, became familiar
throughout the country.  He was born in England
and while yet a young man achieved reputation by
his work on the London illustrated papers.  He
came to America in 1857.  One of his early
schemes was an illustrated paper called
the Picayune, which was about the size
of London Punch.  Artemus Ward, then
in the zenith of his popularity, was
the editor.  It did not catch the public favor,
however, and soon suspended.  Some time later
Mr. Bellew with several others started Wild Oats.
This paper lived several years, but went out of ex-
istence ten or twelve years ago.
  Since that time Mr. Bellew as worked for the
Harpers, Frank Leslie, Life and other papers.
When Texas Siftings first started Mr. Bellew
did nearly all the illustrating.  About two years 
ago he began to devote a good deal of his time to
writing.  In this he was very successful, but failing
health interfered with his labors, and for five or
six weeks prior to his death he was confined to the
house.  He leaves a son and a daughter, at whose
house he died.  His son is an artist, and much re-
sembles his father in style.  His signature,
�Chip,� is often seen in Life.  Mr. Bellew will be
buried to-morrow in the Press Club plot in Cypress
Hills Cemetery.               
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