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Text for Page 082 [03-25-1862]

     Heintzelman�s.   Rawlings.   The Merri-
two burnt houses, a log fire burning in front.
Johnson goodnaturedly summoned the General,
to whom I presented Brigham, when we talked
for three quarters of an hour about things in
general.       Mc Clellan was expected on the mor-
row.     Meantime Hall made a sketch of the scene
for Frank Leslie�s.      Steiner appeared and left.
Mrs Heintzelman came out of tent and rode
off in wagon with her husband for Fortress Mon-
roe.   Heine, Hunt and Mc Kever were present
intermittently and Moses, seeing me converse with
the General, invited me to some whiskey.       Brig-
ham strolled off to join friends, leaving Hall
and myself to return by boat to the Hygeia,
where we ate a bad supper, ordered a wood fire
in our room and fell to drawing and scribbling.
  26.  Wednesday.   Bad breakfast.    Rawlings
discoursing on the high time �he and his crowd�
had at Max Weber�s (now a Brigadier General)
yesterday, involving dinner, champagne and
music.   (Hall and I had heard the crowd keep-
ing it up on their return, and a negro going-
through the passages, crying out that Dr Raw-
lings wanted All the Correspondents, when we
incontinently locked the door.)   To the Quarter-
masters and Brigham.        Talk.  Expectation that
the Merrimac may come out again and play the
devil with things in general.   (This anticipation               
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