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Text for Page 111 [04-05-1862]

	         �Clark�s House.�
young peach trees, and I was in sight of
Clark�s House, a spacious, white, wooden build-
ing, standing in an enclosure, with negro huts
adjacent.    The door was open, a few soldiers
near it.      Entering I took a hasty tramp through
the rooms of the two floors, meeting Lieut Jero-
me (the young signal officer who had cap-
tured the sword &c on the day of the Big Bethel
reconnoisance) coming down stairs.   There were
big old-fashioned bedsteads, the beds unmade,
womens petticoats and articles of attire, sheets,
linen, cupboards, clothes presses � everything ap-
parently abandoned in confusion.    Some young
ladies had slept in one of the rooms the night be-
fore.     I looted to the extent of three or four big
twists of unmanufactured tobacco, which I found
in a clothes press down-stairs, then went to the
negro shanty to the right where were four or five
soldiers getting something to eat from the ne-
groes.   These were a man and his wife (the
former represented axe in hand in the photograph
on page 101) a youngish girl and a very old ne-
gro man, in a white flannel night cap, who took
it off humbly and thanked the men when they told
him he was free, but appeared rather dubious
as to the responsibilities of that condition.  (He ap-
pears in the bottom photograph on page 105, seat-
ed at the door.)       A piece of silver brought me               
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